When in New Connecticut is the first (and so far only) Op that JJ Nikster can complete. It takes place on July 2, 2235 AD in Galactic Merchant City, New Connecticut.


The objective of this Op is to take out the unarmed and unequipped Abolisher near the city's Python building. This low-rank Abolisher, unlike the other Abolishers in the city, will run away when his health goes down a certain number. This is because he knows that JJ can just use his fists as the Abolisher has no armor or any equipment of the kind. The player can take him out, leaving a dead body behind.


When the player starts the game by pressing "Play Game", he or she will enter Galactic Merchant City. The player will go to all the tall buildings, where he or she will find a floating icon. A man (possibly an agent of Jade Ford, the same man who unexiled the Mizarians) with a task can be found here. Go up to the man and click "Accept" if you want to do the task.

The Op is now in progress. There will be a red arrow on the screen. Go to that arrow and you will find your target, which is an unarmed Abolisher. Take him out and your task will be complete. Your reward is a chest located where you started the Op.