The JJ Nikster Trilogy is a series of video games developed by Closed Umbrella Games. It consists of the 3 following games:


All three games are made with Unity, a game engine made by Unity Technologies.

JJ NiksterEdit

JJ Nikster began development in August 2011 in a program known as 3D Gamestudio. The project switched over to Unity later in the game's development. The first chapter in the JJ Nikster Trilogy, it received rather poor reviews and is considered the least popular in the series.

JJ Nikster 2: Senate of DestructionEdit

JJ Nikster 2: Senate of Destruction entered development in January 2013 as a Unity game, like JJ Nikster. It contained many more things to do, such as a new minigame called Dodge Snowball. Senate of Destruction had much greater popularity than JJ Nikster and is Closed Umbrella Games' current flagship game. The game is Closed Umbrella Games' final game to be made completely on Windows 7.

JJ Nikster 3: Eastern OperationEdit

JJ Nikster 3: Eastern Operation started development in October 2013 and has become a Windows Store app. It completes the trilogy and is also the first of the trilogy to be set outside the continent of North America.

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